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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 7.7

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

The update contains the following:

The Segment Builder is a key tool to empower your targeting strategies. This new release of the tool introduces the possibility to filter your contacts based on even more attributes to create more precisely targeted audiences. Once you have created a segment, you can use it to filter your contacts and export only the members who belong to a specific group. You can now also visualize the audience analytics of specific filtered segment.

Note: the Beta version of Segment Builder is not integrated yet with the Triggered Campaigns tool to send targeted campaigns. For that, you can keep using the previous version of the Segment Builder, accessible from the Apps page.

We introduced a new simplified initial dashboard in Compass to make it easier to quickly understand the performances of your initiative, focusing on the main value metrics that can help your business.

The email verification flow helps to make sure that the emails you collect are valid emails. In order to improve the verification rate, we have introduced a screen that notifies the users that, in order to stay online, they have to verify their email address within 5 minutes, by clicking on a confirmation link sent to that email. The notification screen also gives the users the possibility to correct their email, in case they didn’t type in their correct email in the first place. With this new feature, you’ll have a significant increase in the email validation rate.

The Survey tool has been improved adding the possibility to track the identifier of the user who responds to the survey, even when you send it via email using the triggered campaigns. We also added the possibility to remove the initial welcome screen of the survey to provide a smoother experience when triggering the campaign during the access journey. The multi-choice question type now allows selecting more than one option. Finally, all customers who already responded to the survey won't be prompted to fill the survey a second time, both when published during the Access Journey or when sending it via email or text message.

The Offer tool has been updated with a few new capabilities. You can now decide to let the tool generate a random offer code for your own internal verification or you can upload an image, such as a QR code or a barcode, for a quick scan at the POS. We also improved the wording to make it clearer that the customer needs to be in proximity of the clerks to redeem the offer, and changed the expiration timer from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

When you deal with large deployment you may need to add many Access Points. To make it easier, we added the possibility to import new access points by uploading a CSV file.


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