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Wi-Fi with the use of a splash portal provides you with a valuable method to advertise with your users. Below are some of the options available to you



We allow you to provide your customers with powerful applications to organise successful marketing strategies. You can create proximity marketing campaigns to deliver messages tailored to the right audience in real time. Moreover, you can create couponing campaigns, set up online contests, and launch online surveys.



You can also drive your online visitors in their purchases, through the branded splash portal to generate additional revenues from third-party advertising. This provides you with maximum flexibility to communicate your message by choosing between rotating banners or advertising web pages.



We empower you to spread your brand on social media, by enabling your visitors to use social networking accounts to get connected. You  can set up automated Likes, Posts, Check-ins and Follows, in just a few clicks, and you can encourage your visitors to “like” their Facebook page and timeline posts.



We can also help you to enhance your visitors’ online experience. You can enable visitors to chat among themselves, find relevant information on the map, leave messages on the virtual bulletin board, and have access to the latest news and weather forecasts by using our innovative apps via the apps marketplace.

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