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With Acurix Networks Managed Wi-Fi solutions 


Awaken the full potential of your hardware with a software upgrade.

Enjoy distributed intelligence with self-configuration, self-healing, and no single point of failure.

Change the residential paradigm from competition to collaboration. Reduce electromagnetic radiation and power consumption.



Smart software can be installed on your already deployed APs supporting 100+ connected devices with each AP, and save money.

Proven indoor and outdoor technology. We have installed hundreds of APs in hotels, universities, and conference centres.

Manage your APs, analyze device’s capabilities, and collect statistics with CHT Cloud Manager.


Deploy a reliable, secure, and fast WiFi network in your wagons. For both onboard entertainment and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Customers can select the hardware that satisfies the needs for the specific transport requirements including rain, buses etc.

Less APs deployed within your solution is always best and imagine supporting 150+ connected devices with just 2 APs.




Install our APs to provide fast and reliable in-flight WiFi connection. Up to 5x performance improvement.

For both interactive screens and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Amaze your passengers with seamless entertainment.

Robust and proven technology. Ask us how 700+ commercial aircraft have only 1-3 APs per aircraft to provide a superior service.


Enjoy seamless multimedia streaming and Internet browsing for all your passengers, even if they all request HD video at the same time.

Our APs aim for a greener transport industry:


less electromagnetic radiation and less power consumption.

Be safe with distributed intelligence with no central controller and no single point of failure.

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