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Analytics reporting is a key facility of our service. It enables you to engage with your customers and determine how your advertising is working



We enable you to collect and analyse information about your online visitors registered to a specific Wi-Fi hotspot. You can access a wide range of metrics: capture rate, conversion rate, repeat rate, daily distribution of sessions, average session time, and number of single-time or recurring users.​



We enable you to improve your visitors’ engagement and loyalty across the Wi-Fi coverage. You have access to a variety of data collected by APs. For instance, you can keep track of traffic trends, dwelling and browsing time, loyalty distribution, new vs. repeat users, capture rate and loyalty rate.
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We provide you with access to your visitors’ social network profiles to better drive the use of your service. Several different types of information are available, such as number of visitors using social login, distribution of social login options, social login loyalty rate and user demographics (age and gender).



We allow you to improve your guest Wi-Fi access. You can access a wide range of information, such as the total number of users, the number of logins, the amount of traffic, number of impressions, devices used by visitors, operating system supported by the device and the browser selected to go online.



If you require more, we can also offer a retail analytics console for spacial and presence analytics that delivers the key facts required to make intelligent business decisions, that help improve your bottom line.
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