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Anybody can install Wi-Fi but many Metro Wi-Fi deployments fail. Have you ever asked why?

Custom Metro Wi-Fi
Never before has the demand for wireless data been so great. Today, new applications and wireless broadband devices are accessible to more and more people. This is driving demand for mobile data – much of this data is video, which puts huge strain on network infrastructure. The increase in penetration and use of smartphones and tablet devices is accelerating faster than the rate at which mobile network operators (MNOs) can increase capacity on their networks. This means that there is an immediate requirement to alleviate strain on the legacy infrastructure while operators increase capacity (subject to technology upgrades, spectrum, cell site availability and backhaul) and/or work on their upgrade paths to emerging standards.
The best way to alleviate strain on the network is through the deployment of large-scale, carrier-grade metro Wi-Fi zones and for MNOs to offload data traffic onto these Wi-Fi networks.
Wi-Fi comes as a standard feature on nearly every smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Consumers already use Wi-Fi at home and at work to access the Internet and make calls on their multi-mode devices. They access Wi-Fi at scattered and disaggregated hotspots around town using different logins, some free and some paid. This is complicated for the customer and there is no certainty as to whether Wi-Fi will be available (and easy to use) in the right place at the right time. Places where people aggregate, congregate, transit and spend time – the city. 
The Acurix Networks Metro Wi-Fi solution allows MNOs and ISPs to deploy a large-scale, three dimensional, cocoons of Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity even in a dense urban environments and offer carrier-grade Wi-Fi services to customers.
Our virtual network technology means that multiple MNOs, ISPs and municipalities can share the same network infrastructure, each with their own SSID. Large corporates can also sponsor districts within the network area to offer free access to their group.
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