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The influx of BYOD requires smart Wi-Fi design planning. Acurix Networks offers a proven design for these environments 

Custom Campus Wi-Fi
Universities and colleges the world over are deploying Wi-Fi on campus. They are doing so in an attempt to address the expectation that students have for ubiquitous Wi-Fi, they are doing so to provide value added services to students, staff and visitors, and they are doing so to compete with other institutions.
There are many issues that need to be addressed by universities and colleges in relation to upgrading a legacy Wi-Fi network or deploying a new one. These include: deciding what type of Wi-Fi network should they deploy, what the coverage level should be like, how should access be controlled, whether it should be open to the public and visitors, what level of security should it have, should it be paid or free … and the list goes on.
The Acurix Networks Campus Wi-Fi Solution allows for near-ubiquitous campus-wide Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity, both inside and outside. Students, staff and visitors can connect to the network on any Wi-Fi enabled device – no matter where they are on the campus.
The IX Controller allows the campus to create separate and secure VLANs and virtual networks for faculty/staff, students and visitors. Each can have a different security profile and access method (i.e. paid vs free or time based vs volume based). The controller has its own billing system and radius server or it can seamlessly integrate with the institution’s existing access system. It also allows for a number of different advertising models and the use of walled garden and captive portal approaches.
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