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Providing innovative and leading Analytics Solutions to our managed service customers or even if you run your own networks

Custom Analytics Wi-Fi
Acurix Networks developed the first Australian Analytics hub that allows Acurix and other vendors to store Wi-Fi presence analytics data.
Hosted as a cloud service with AWS all Acurix Managed networks along with our customer networks send analytics presence data to a central service. The amalgamation of all this data allows Acurix to provide very detailed analytics data through our own range of consoles or optionally forward that data to other analytics console providers.
Analytics can be forwarded to our Analytics hub from any of the Acurix Managed Wi-Fi Access Points, using Acurix Sensors or even if you use Access Points from Meraki, Xirrus, Aerohive, Ruckus and Fortinet you can use the Acurix Analytics Dashboard.
The Acurix SensorOne and SensorTwo hardware products have been specifically designed to either extend how Analytics is collected around an exisiting Wi-Fi deployment or allow you to gather Analytics simply by installing the sensors.
The SensorOne product can even run from a small battery or solar powered battery pack which makes it ideal as a mobile or temporary solution.
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