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With a vendor agnostic consulting approach, Acurix Consulting can help you solve your Wi-Fi problems

Strategic Consulting
Wi-Fi access is considered by subscribers and operators alike to be a fundamental and expected part of an operator’s service offering. That Wi-Fi service must be large-scale, seamlessly accessible, & carrier-grade. A Wi-Fi land-grab has begun as operators and infrastructure providers race to deploy or gain access to Wi-Fi networks to meet subscriber demand and maintain a competitive offering.
What is the right Wi-Fi strategy for your company?
Mobile networks operators, Internet service providers, cable companies and infrastructure owners are all jostling for position and seeking to create innovative and profitable business models for their own Wi-Fi plays. Negotiating the right strategic path can be a challenge in this fast-changing, investment-heavy and highly competitive telecommunications market.
Questions such as whether a company should deploy its own network or strike a commercial deal with an existing network operator will depend on capex and resource availability, available existing footprints, competitive positioning and time-to-market pressures. Should an operator charge for Wi-Fi or provide it as part of a bundled service offering?
Assessment of the business case varies depending on the business model to be implemented and method of implementation. All benefits to the operator and subscribers alike can be taken into account and ascribed a value in any business case calculation.
The Acurix Networks strategic consulting team can work with your company to assess, develop and package Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi offload strategies, business cases & detailed financial models that match your company’s strategic requirements against budget, timing & competitive constraints. We can also assist with commercial negotiation with Wi-Fi roaming hubs to drive additional revenue streams for Wi-Fi infrastructure owners.
Our experience in mobile and Wi-Fi networking and service provision coupled with our financial sand strategic market knowledge will help your company more effectively navigate the right path to market.
Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your Wi-Fi strategy.
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