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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 7.5

We’re delighted to bring you some important updates to our Cloud4Wi product suite.

Zone traffic analytics on polygon zones (Spaces)

With this release, we’ve added the ability to define “zones” in your locations by drawing polygons on a floor plan map. You’ll be able to use these zones to track the same traffic metrics that we already provide on Virtual Zones.

The Zoning dashboard has been redesigned to respond more effectively to specific use cases. It can now report on the percentage of overall traffic that visited each zone (virtual zone or polygon). The dashboard also shows the number of people who visit every zone, and the amount of time they spend there. In addition, it will shed light on the most trafficked zones of your stores, as well as the traffic distribution for each zone, across different times and days of the week.

Bulk guest WiFi configuration (Splash, Compass)

We introduced the ability to add tags to your Locations, so you can classify them on multiple dimensions (geography, brands, initiative, etc.). Once you’ve tagged your locations, you’ll be able to bulk-assign a Splash Page or a Login profile for multiple Locations based on their tags.

Collect more data during social login (Splash, Compass)

When someone signs up using their social media account, you can now request for additional profile data using the page on which they accept your privacy policy. You’ll be able to configure this feature in the login profile settings.

Email validation during onboarding (Compass)

We introduced a feature in all Compass accounts to make sure customers provide a valid email. When the customer signs up using the click-through form, we check the validity of the email address provided. If the email address seems invalid, the user will be invited to correct it.

WiFi access with multiple devices at the same time (Splash, Compass)

Users can now sign in on the guest WiFi network with multiple devices using one account. We are rolling out this capability gradually on existing accounts, so if you are interested in this feature, please contact our support team.

Easier customer data export (Splash, Compass)

You can now export all your customer data in a single CSV file. Depending on the number of contacts to be exported, the platform may take some time to process the file. The admin will be notified via email once the data is ready for download.

Minor improvements and bug fixing

Added field “Title” in the registration forms (click through and registration form)Added customer filtering by Country in the Admin Panel customers listAdded a search function in the Managers pageFixed a known bug which caused occasional double charges when paying WiFi access with Paypal


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