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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 7.3

You can now create beautiful emails using the new visual email composer, with an intuitive drag and drop interface and native management of your email media contents. You can then retrieve your email template form the Triggered Campaign when you creAll Products

Two Factor Authentication

We introduced the option to enable a two factor authentication process to secure access to your Admin Panel account. This feature is optional and can be enabled by each individual admin form the Managers page. The code is generated using Google’s Authenticator app.

MSP Account for Data Controllers

In the previous release we introduced several security measures to ensure the privacy and

security of our customers’ data.

If you are a Data Controller and using the MSP account to manage multiple accounts within your organization, we restored your ability to fully manage the personal data you collect.

Updated Guest WiFi Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

As a Data Controller, it is essential that you review your own privacy policy and make sure it complies with privacy regulations and reflects your company’s practices. To facilitate this process, we created a template of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that you can use as a starting point to create your own version.

Improved Rate Limits of Triggered Campaigns Being relevant is extremely important when designing a real time campaign, but it is also extremely important to carefully avoid spamming your customers with too many messages. We improved the capabilities and the user experience of the rate limit settings in the triggered campaigns.

Triggered Campaign UX Improvements

In order to simplify the management of triggered campaigns, we have made some user experience improvements. For example, the option of selecting Access Points and Location by geofence has been removed, and some labels and taxonomy have been improved to be more intuitive.

Improved User Export

Week after week, you guest WiFi keeps collecting new visitor profiles that you may want to export and import in your customer data platforms, CRMs and marketing tools. If you don’t want to use the API to automate integration with your system, exporting the data from the Admin Panel is the second most effective way to achieve this. We improved the export process with the ability to filter the export by record creation date, so you can only export the delta compared to the previous export.

Logout Trigger Removed From Access Journey and Triggered Campaigns

Our Access Journey and Triggered Campaigns tools used to have an option to trigger or show content when the user logs out from the guest WiFi. Due to the advent of the captive network assistant browser, both in Android and iOS, it is very rare that a user keeps the Success page, the one with the Logout button, open in his browser. For this reason, using this action as a trigger for communication has become less effective. For the sake of keeping the product simple, we decided to remove this option, confident that this choice won’t affect your experience.ate a new campaign.


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