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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 7.1

Customer Offline Journey

Integrate your customer offline journey into your marketing strategy. You can visualize the list of customer visits in the customer profile and retrieve the full customer visits history via APIs. History of Customer Visits allows marketers to track the customer’s offline journey to facilitate segmentation and improved targeting of marketing campaigns.

Peak Traffic Dashboard

A new dashboard in Volare Spaces allows you to identify the peak business hours and the busiest weekdays in order to provide quantitative data to proactively identify operational problems and inform business optimization initiatives. This data will be available both for the Locations and the individual Virtual Zones inside the Locations.

Location Analytics APIs

New APIs added for retrieving location analytics data from the recently released Overviews and Trends dashboards. These same metrics can also now be exported directly from the Volare Dashboard in CSV.

Management of Internet Plans by Location

In the Location settings, you can now define whether the Location inherits the Internet Plans from the organization (typical for large chains) or if the Internet Plans are independently managed by the Location manager (typical for SMB-managed services).

Dashboard UX Improvements and Changes

General improvements have been made in the dashboard of all products to simplify management of Locations and some language and terms have been updated.


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