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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 6.8

With this update, we are excited to offer new features and improvement to our marketing tools and reports.

Export Mobile Survey data Mobile Survey offers great visual reports to analyze the results of a campaign and now we have also added the ability to export and download all the data you collect. This way you can analyze the data in your own tools.

Mobile Survey is great tool to gather more feedback from customers; either presenting it during the WiFi Access Journey or by sending it as a link via email or SMS. If you haven’t tried it yet, check it out!

Measure Triggered Campaigns conversions Triggered campaigns now provides more complete reports to measure the effectiveness of each campaign by tracking how many of the sent emails have been actually opened by the users.

In addition, we now offer a method to identify and track user clicks on links provided inside an email or text message; this easy solution simply requires you to install a tracker on the landing page associated with the link you deliver to the user.

Enjoy more data in User Reports User Reports now allow you to understand the in-store segmentation of visitors. For instance, you can now get information about who is using the WiFi service, the dominant demographic segment of the customer base and the types of devices they are using to connect to your WiFi. In addition, we’ve added more metrics that help to measure how many touchpoints has been collected (emails, phone numbers), how many visitors have opted-in to the marketing policy and how many users have validated their account.

Fully customize the Access Journey Login attempt is one of most valuable opportunities during the Access Journey to communicate with the guest. It allows you to show content to your guest between the login attempt and when the guest can actually go online. This is a good place for advertising and messaging (about products, events, programs, services, etc.). In addition, you can now trigger the Advertising app during the login attempt process.

Engage with Video Advertising We have released a free offering, now available in the Volare marketplace, which allows you to show a video in any step of the Access Journey. The app allows you to personalize the look and feel, as well as the content of the page. If you want to customize the app further, you can use the code available. Notify your team via Slack

We have released the Slack Connect. You can send notifications to your team through Slack when users access WiFi or they are close to your Venue.

This app is just a sample of how you can use webhooks to create clienteling applications and support store operations initiatives. If you want to customize the app further, you can use the code available.

Publish your own Apps in the menus We recently released the ability to publish a link to any App in the menus of the sidebar. Up until now, this feature was only available at the Company level, however with this release, the published shortcuts are visible also to Venue Managers when they log in with their account in the Admin Panel

Respect user’s privacy Historically, the social media tool forced a user to like a page or post a message when the guest logged in using their social network accounts. This feature has been eliminated, allowing a guest to login using their social network account without having to take any further actions.


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