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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 6.7

The new Portal release unleashes new use cases that leverage real-time customer detection.

Empower your on-premise operations and engagement with real-time customer detection

The Volare AI-powered engine detects known visitors as soon as they enter a venue and notifies your applications via a webhooks. For example, you can build tools that support sales assistants and allow them to engage more effectively with the most important visitors by triggering a notification to the right associate when a VIP customer is dwelling in a key area of the venue.

Analyze your venue’s heatmap directly on georeferenced maps

If your venue has only one floor, you can rely directly on our georeferenced map layer to see the heatmap of your visitors in Location Analytics, so you don’t need to prepare, upload, and calibrate the floorplan map.

Split of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

In order to comply with the most strict regulations in certain countries, we introduced an advanced setting under the Login Profiles that allows you to split the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy clause into two separated lines.

Simplified Login Profile

Login Profile is one of the most important configurations for setting up the Guest WiFi service. We have so many options! So we reorganized the user interface to make it more intuitive and easier to configure.

Usability improvements

Improved the usability of inputs fields in the registration forms of the Welcome Portal. Removed the default options in the Country field and Gender selection.

Social Media tool update

The Social Media tools, such as the Like and Share have been updated due to a recent change of Facebook policies. It is not possible anymore to customize a pre-defined content of the message that the users share on their social profile timeline.

New Mobile Survey usability and skin

We updated the design and usability of the Mobile Survey tool to make it more appealing and easier to use so you can convert more users and gather more data.

More power to MSP accounts

MSP account managers can now see some advanced parameters in the Presence Analytics calibration section.


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