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  • Mark Middleton

Portal Release 6.6

This new Portal release brings new features focused on making integrations and expansions easier and more effective.

Webhooks - web notifications of guest Wi-Fi events

Webhooks allows the platform to notify an external service in real time every time a guest signs-in to the guest Wi-Fi service. Webhooks can be used for real time notifications of customer presence and automatically syncs contact lists with external marketing platforms.

MyApps menu shortcuts

When you create and publish an App in your account using MyApps, you can now add a link as a menu item in any of the sections of the sidebar of the Admin Panel. This allows you to create and publish new pages, features and functionalities into the Volare Admin panel as if they are native functionalities. For example, new reporting or analytics pages, documentation, or custom marketing tools.

Personal Devices in user profile page

The User Profile page has been updated to show the list of the devices associated with the User.

Venue Profile settings update

The Venue Profile has been updated. Now you can control, with extreme granularity, which menus a Venue Manager can see or not. This allows you to create a very custom service concept for local business owners or defining which service the branch store managers can see.

Segment Builder update

The Segment Builder has been updated and is available in all the Enterprise Edition accounts. Segments allow the platform to target a specific audience when creating a Triggered Campaign. Segments can be created by clustering the user population by their profile attributes (for example gender, age, contacts, or social attributes) and their visits to the stores.


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