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  • Mark Middleton

New Firmware

Acurix Networks is please to announce that the use of Galgus software will be utilized on future Access Points installed for our Managed Service customers.

Their technology has been very well tested in the most challenging environments, and it is very affordable and ready to be deployed.

These are the most important algorithms that are available with the software:

PRE: Prebalancing, a module that ensures users are distributed evenly when they connect to the network

LB: Load Balancing, a module that balance network load between radios and APs in the network to ensure high QoS to each user

SR: Smart Roaming, a module that ensures users are roam to the best available AP in real-time to avoid users connecting from far away to the AP

ACA: Automatic Channel Assignment, a module to automatically assign best channel selection for the entire network in real-time and based on optimization algorithms to achieve best performance

BS: Band Steering, a module to prioritize a certain band over the other one (2.4GHz/5GHz)

TCM: Traffic Congestion Management, a module to prevent a single user can user too much network capacity having a negative impact on the rest of the users. Also this module guarantees a minimum throughput per client

MU: Multicast Unicast conversion to optimize Multicast traffic. Ideal for IPTV deployments.

APC: Automatic Power Control, a module that automatically assign the optimum power level to each user communication to reduce interferences and enhance overall network performance.

In addition:

LPT: Location, Positioning and Tracking. A module to Locate and Position Wi-Fi Devices and users.

WIDS: Wireless Intrusion Detection System (Rogue AP Detection).

WIPS: Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (Rogue AP attack mitigation).


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