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  • Mark Middleton

New Customer Portal

Acurix Networks is pleased to announce our new customer portal is available and being tested with customers now.

Some of the key new features includes:

New Admin Panel – Intuitive navigation

First and foremost, we have a new control panel that is now called the Admin Panel. Our goal was to make the platform as intuitive as possible, so we reorganized a few things and gave it a fresh look. You’ll be wow-ed by how beautiful the new Admin Panel is, and how easy it is to navigate around. With the new design, new nomenclature, and new organization of functionalities, you’ll experience fewer clicks to get where you need to be – saving you both hassle and time.

New Dashboard – At-a-glance performance overview

When you log into the platform, you’ll be greeted with a new and appealing overview of how your business locations are performing. You’ll be able to see the most popular and informative metrics all at a quick glance.

New Location Analytics – Insights into customer activity

The new Location Analytics helps you better strategise marketing initiatives and operations. Heatmaps and foot falls visually show on a floor plan the level of activity given a specific time frame, giving you a better understanding of where your customers gather and spend most their time. Having this information can help you be more confident with planning displays for optimal reach, and knowing what areas require extra support and security. Metrics can be filtered by gender and age, and the floor plan map can be viewed based on demographics – helping you better visualize customer behavior.

New Segment Builder – Categorized customer lists

We’ve heard your wishes for a way to segment users, and now we’re delivering. Check out our new Segment Builder – a feature that fine-tunes your marketing initiatives by allowing you to easily categorize customers based on the attributes and events you set. Create triggered campaigns to send messages out to select segments, and instantly see higher conversion rates come in.

New Beacons – A new way to engage

We’ve got a new Beacon license available to make your job easier. If activated, you’ll be able to manage your entire Beacon inventory, across all locations – straight from the platform. Easily access data collected from Beacons and even create Beacon-triggered campaigns. Campaigns offer a new touchpoint to reach your customers through push notifications. When customers stand within close proximity of a Beacon, give them instant gratification by sending enticing coupons.

New MailChimp Integration – Combined email databases

We’re thrilled to launch the first of many third-party integrations. If you already use MailChimp, then this integration prevents the headache of having to manually combine databases. Our MailChimp integration makes it quick and simple to automatically feed Cloud4Wi users into already-existing lists in MailChimp. Having all your customers in one place will make your life significantly easier, and make email distributions more effective.

Improved Presence Analytics – Insights into foot traffic and behavior

To help you better understand Presence Analytics, we’ve reorganized the metrics so that it matches your locations’ traffic flow. We want you to have more control over how you use it, so we’ve got new calibration parameters in place. Modify the algorithm based on your location and business type, and calculate visits by dwell time, distance and more. We’re always trying to make numbers as accurate as possible, and have improved our algorithm accuracy. We’ve also reviewed the concept and meaning of the loyalty graph, to make it more accurate as well.

Improved Triggered Campaigns – Reaching customers more effectively

We’ve enhanced our Triggered Campaigns application so that you can reach customers even more effectively now. Create Beacon-triggered campaigns that send push notifications to customers standing within close proximity of a Beacon, and use Segments built from the Segment Builder to send messages to more targeted audiences.

Improved Marketplace – Revamped home for applications

We’ve revamped the marketplace with a new look and feel. Applications now have descriptions, so you can get a better idea of what each app entails. We’ve also grouped applications into corresponding categories – Marketing, Analytics, Guest Wi-Fi, Integrations and My apps – making it easy for you to find the apps you want.

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