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  • Mark Middleton

Acurix Managed Wi-Fi Service – September 2014 KPIs

Fast-growing Australasian managed Wi-Fi service provider Acurix Networks has released its September 2014 network statistics for its 41 Wi-Fi precincts across Australia and New Zealand.

Acurix Networks owns and operates Wi-Fi networks under a turnkey, managed-service model. For a simple monthly fee, Acurix Networks operates, maintains and supports the latest generation of Wi-Fi network usually under a free Wi-Fi model. Clients vary from resorts, such as Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, to App developers and commercial precincts in Auckland.

During September 2014, usage on Acurix-managed Wi-Fi networks peaked at 35,070 free Wi-Fi sessions per week served up on 14,314 unique devices. On an annualised basis, that equates to 1.82 million Wi-Fi sessions per year.

Network usage, from a number of user sessions perspective, is growing at 6% per month in Australia and 19% per month in New Zealand. The difference in growth rates does not reflect the overall growth, which is more significant in Australia than in New Zealand. The average MB per user downloaded/uploaded during a session is 29MB, giving a total of 4.4TB of free data per month.

The dominance of Apple products is clearly visible when one looks at the platform and device breakdown statistics. On the Ponsonby Central network in Auckland, 69% of all sessions were accessed with devices running iOS and 13% running Mac OS X. In total 82% of all user sessions on the Ponsonby Central Wi-Fi network in September 2014 were undertaken on Apple devices.

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