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  • Mark Middleton

Finally, A Consensus Definition For Carrier Wi-Fi

Just in time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has just published a consensus definition of Carrier Wi-Fi that should appeal to mobile network operators and vendors alike.

The definition, that has three core attributes, represents an industry-wide effort to deliver end users with a consistent and reliable experience no matter where they are.

Mobile network operators and infrastructure owners have been deploying Wi-Fi networks often with inconsistent and subjective capabilities. At least now, the industry has a consensus definition to work towards. The detailed specification for Carrier Wi-Fi, contained in a WBA Whitepaper, contains details of the functional requirements including discussing what is presently available and what is still to be completed. Download the WBA Carrier Wi-Fi Specification Whitepaper here.

No doubt, we will see continued discussion and debate on this topic as Wi-Fi offload, and the demand for it, grows.

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