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  • Mark Middleton

Acurix Networks Australian Wi-Fi Infrastructure-As-A-Service Network Growing

In September 2013, Acurix Networks acquired aCure Technology’s Australian Wi-Fi network in WA. Most of that significant Wi-Fi footprint is operated by Acurix Networks as a managed Wi-Fi service. Acurix Networks builds, owns, & operates Wi-Fi infrastructure-as-a-service networks in partnership with venues, metro precincts, campuses, libraries and shopping districts. We take care of everything, including the backhaul (be it wireless, fibre or DSL) as well as handle any customer support.

Today, we have over 30 precincts with 650 multi-radio wireless nodes in operation.

Every day we serve more than five thousand simultaneous users on our networks on laptops, tablets and smartphones. We are helping people learn, shop and connect with each other. The Wi-Fi IaaS networks are built using Acurix Networks latest generation of Wi-Fi equipment, which means that download and upload speeds are fast (5-10Mbps), latency is low, and the latest devices are supported. It also means that the network is Wi-Fi offload ready.

Our network footprint is the largest of its kind in Western Australia and is perfect for Wi-Fi offload allowing mobile network operators, Internet service providers and cable companies to offer their subscribers extended network coverage. Acurix Networks can provide wholesale customers with their own, exclusive SSIDs or access to a shared SSID.

For its Australian managed Wi-Fi services business, Acurix Networks holds a full carrier licence (#351) granted by the Australian Telecommunications and Media Authority under the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Australia).

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