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Wi-Fi Offload Gets Boost With Accuris Networks & Acurix Networks Partnership

Metro Wi-Fi network provider Acurix Networks and Wi-Fi offload pioneer Accuris Networks have completed integration of their Wi-Fi offload solutions for mobile network operators

Dublin, Ireland & Perth, Australia – 15 May, 2013 – Accuris Networks, an innovator in Wi-Fi offload and roaming, and Acurix Networks LP, a supplier of next-generation metro Wi-Fi networks supporting mobility, today announced the successful integration of their two offerings, giving mobile network operators a simple and smart solution for seamless offload of mobile subscribers onto a carrier-grade Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi offload testing was completed on Perth’s metromesh network, which is Australasia’s largest contiguous metro Wi-Fi zone. Subscribers on the metromesh network were able to seamlessly roam from the 3G network of one of the Australian national mobile network operators to the Acurix-powered metromesh Wi-Fi network.

metromesh, operated by aCure Technology, is using AccuROAM™ from Accuris Networks. AccuROAM is a Wi-Fi offload and roaming platform that gives mobile subscribers seamless, automatic and secure access to its three-dimensional metro Wi-Fi zone by using subscriber SIM credentials as the means of authentication. AccuROAM is a proven carrier-grade technology and is in commercial use by mobile operators such as AT&T.

The metro Wi-Fi network is underpinned by the latest carrier-grade Wi-Fi networking equipment from Acurix Networks, such as the 900Mbps 3 radio X3-N-XX wireless node, to achieve near ubiquitous coverage and better-than-4G capacity in a dense urban environment – i.e. exactly where Wi-Fi offload is required.

“Wi-Fi offload helps mobile network operators alleviate the strain on their 3G networks that is brought about by subscribers’ insatiable demand for wireless data,” said Mark Middleton, CTO of Acurix Networks. “This need is greatest in urban areas and places where subscribers congregate and use lots of mobile data,” he added.

“metromesh wants to make it easy for mobile subscribers to enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi, and AccuROAM provides a secure authentication framework without the need to enter cumbersome user names and passwords, and that works on any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure as well as next generation hotspots,” said Malachy McGuinness, VP Sales & Operations, Accuris Networks.

The integration of the Acurix and Accuris solutions allows any Acurix Wi-Fi network to work as a full extension of a mobile operator’s GSM or CDMA-based network for billing, policy and authentication.

The fully-integrated Wi-Fi offload solution has significant benefits for mobile operators and their subscribers. For the mobile network operator these benefits include: reducing the strain on and cost of 3G networks; freeing up capacity for voice; delaying 4G rollouts; reducing churn, and service augmentation. For the subscriber, benefits include: improved data speed and quality; better battery life; less 3G data bill-shock, and reduced roaming costs for the traveller.


About Accuris Networks

Accuris Networks is a leading provider of convergence, roaming & interworking solutions with respective device management. The AccuROAMTM platform is designed to provide mobile operators with a Wi-Fi offload and Wi-Fi roaming solution, which includes smartphone client software, access server/gateway technology and billing integration designed to provide a seamless and secure user experience for data, voice and messaging services. AccuROAMTM won the 2013 Global Mobile Awards for ‘Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough’. For more information, visit

About Acurix Networks

Acurix Networks supplies next-generation broadband wireless and video surveillance solutions. The Acurix Networks Wi-Fi offload solution helps operators meet the ever-increasing demand for enhanced performance, throughput and mobility on their wireless networks. Contact Acurix Networks today at or call +1-650-488-5525.


Accuris Networks

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