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  • Mark Middleton

Wi-Fi Offload Surges For China Mobile – Business Case For Wi-Fi Clear

New Wi-Fi offload figures published by China Mobile and reported by Wireless Intelligence show that China Mobile’s Wi-Fi networks are carrying nearly 66% of its wireless data traffic. This is a staggeringly high number and one wonders what the 3G network performance would be like without the support of its 3.83 million Wi-Fi access points. This is a classic case of a mobile operator using Wi-Fi offload in concert with 3G to deliver improved overall network performance to subscribers, while at the same time helping slow the operator’s requirement to upgrade or enhance existing 3G networks. This network savings should be considered in the business case for deploying large-scale Wi-Fi networks for data offload purposes. Other business case inputs helping to justify a Wi-Fi deployment can include improved subscriber satisfaction resulting in reduced churn as well as reduced overall legacy network capacity (or capacity growth rate reduction) resulting in lower licensing payments to equipment vendors.

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