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  • Mark Middleton

Perth CBD Gets Free Wi-Fi

Acurix Networks customer aCure Technology, the company behind Perth’s well-known metro Wi-Fi network with the SSID “metromesh”, has removed the paywall from its network to allow free Wi-Fi access across the central business district. We are excited by this initiative, which will see users jump above the more than 1,100 daily paying subscribers. The Perth Wi-Fi network, which provides a cocoon of three-dimensional Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity across the Perth CBD, uses our popular X3-N-XX Intelligent 3 x 300 Mbps Multi-Radio Node, for both backhaul and end user access as well as our X1-N-24 Intelligent 300 Mbps Bridging Node for wireless backhaul to a primary aggregation point in downtown Perth, where it connects into the fibre network. metromesh is managed and controlled using the Acurix Networks IX Controller, which is an all-in-one unified IP gateway, network controller and billing system. The network has been providing commercial Wi-Fi access to subscribers since 2006. For more information on this initiative, please see this article in Computerworld, this article on MuniWireless, or contact us.

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