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Acurix Networks utilises the proven technology of TviLight for Smart City Lighting Systems using M2M (Cat-M1, NB-IOT) or RF (mesh) Communications


Tvilight is a European market leader in intelligent streetlighting solutions and specialises in smart streetlight sensors, wireless lighting controls and lighting management software.


Tvilight believes in improving the lives of citizens globally and contribute to the creation of sustainable and connected cities. Their light management platform provides full remote management of the entire lighting infrastructure in real-time.


Driving the adoption of networked connected lighting, they help customers save energy, prevent CO2 emissions, improve citizen safety, reduce installation complexity, and minimise infrastructure maintenance costs. Our smart lighting platform and Open API allow integration to city’s preferred software systems and thus constitute an open, secure and future-proof base for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.


By working with the leading system integrators and local partners, Tvilight helps cities and infrastructure operators capitalize on the Internet of Things, avoid provider lock-in, and make the best use of what intelligent lighting has to offer.


We see streetlights as one of the most valuable public assets that have a powerful role to play in making cities energy-efficient, resilient and future-ready. We envision a world where data is collected and managed effortlessly, for the betterment of cities and citizens.




CityManager is a web-based Smart City software platform containing a complete suite of applications that allows remote monitoring, management and control of the entire lighting infrastructure both on an individual light and group level. It provides an in-depth real-time analysis and health monitoring of the assets, networks and sensors.


The CityManager platform is a complete suite of web-based software applications that provides full remote management for your entire lighting infrastructure, both on an individual light and group level. Open architecture and Open API allow secure integration to any of your preferred 3rd party application.


Open architecture and open API interfaces allow an secure and easy integration to any of your preferred 3rd party applications, ensuring that clients benefit from a future-proof investment.


CitySense is an award-winning streetlight motion sensor with an integrated wireless lighting control. CitySense integrates motion sensors, wireless communication and the lighting control – all in one single housing.


Designed for the harsh outdoor environments, CitySense offers on-demand adaptive lighting, making the streetlights adjust their brightness based on the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or cars.

Using a real-time mesh network, CitySense triggers neighboring lights and creates a safe circle of light around an occupant. The adjustment to human presence happens automatically. Interference factors such as small animals or moving trees are filtered out.


As a result, the lights automatically dim-down during the off-peak hours when there is nobody in the vicinity. Upon detection of the human presence, all lights in the surrounding area return to the brightness levels previously defined by the user, thereby creating a safe circle of light. Adaptive lighting reduces the energy consumption by up to 80% without compromising public safety and citizen comfort.




With SkyLite Prime, cities can effortlessly upgrade their street lights with intelligent controls turning street lights into a smart city connectivity hub. When combined with a smart driver, SkyLite Prime delivers advanced system health analytics, power metering and asset management support. 
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Tvilight offers lighting controls that allow cities to effortlessly upgrade their streetlights, transforming them into a smart city connectivity hub.


Remotely programmable lighting schedules allow users to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% in a safe and comfortable manner. The in-built monitoring tools notify users (via CityManager) about lighting-related faults such as a lamp or ballast failure.


Tvilight can offer light management solutions, depending on local requirements, based on RF mesh or M2M (Cat-M1, NB-IoT, EGPRS) technology, each with their unique benefits and features.


All devices support global standards such as 0-10V, Dali and Smart drivers and comply with local requirements and legislations.

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