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  • Mark Middleton

Holiday Season Upgrades

It has been a busy period for Acurix Operational staff over the holiday season. We have completed upgrades across many parts of our network in addition to a major link upgrade at Rottnest Island.

With over 100,000 user connections to the Wi-Fi service at Rottnest over the January period the demand for Internet data has never been greater. We are seeing data demands are more than doubling each year and for this reason we have just completed the installation of a licensed 11Ghz link from the mainland to the Island.

Our new licensed 11Ghz link now services as our primary data feed and is backed-up with dual 5Ghz links which we previously used (3 links in total).

If you have any requirements for licensed link, please feel free to contact us and we can help you through the licensing requirements and our operations teams can complete the installation for you.

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