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  • Mark Middleton

Wi-Fi Usage On Acurix Networks Continues To Grow

New figures published by Acurix Networks today reveal that over 1 million Wi-Fi users are spending more than 300 million minutes a year on the Acurix Networks managed Wi-Fi footprint across Australia and New Zealand.

The Wi-Fi usage results also reveal significantly different session times depending on the type of Wi-Fi location and the device used at that location. In Western Australia, the types of locations lend themselves to longer session times than those in Auckland, New Zealand.

For example, Australians spend on average 3x more time (130 mins) per Wi-Fi session that their Kiwi counterparts (45 mins). This is due to the predominance of resort and library networks throughout our Australian footprint (more tablets and laptops), versus the more shopping and restaurant precincts in Auckland (95% smartphones).

For more details, please see the infographic below.

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